Beautiful Brave Podcast Episode 2: A Conversation on Safe and Authentic Friendship

by Jun 2, 2017Podcast

Thanks for following our new show, the Beautiful Brave Podcast with Sarah Bond! If you missed our last blog post on Wednesday, May 31, hop on back to that post and learn more about why I started this podcast as an offshoot of our Voice of Courage vision.

We didn’t want to keep you waiting, so here’s Episode 2!

A Conversation on Safe and Authentic Friendship

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In this episode, join me and two of my dear girlfriends for an honest and fun chat around my coffee table. These friends, Daphne and Shelby, will have a chance to respond to the stories I shared in the first episode on Safe and Authentic Friendship, and they’ll share honestly from their personal journeys in friendship. I can’t wait for you to hear what they have to say about their own friendships and the specific words of encouragement they have for you listeners.

Honestly, it’s the energizing, insightful conversations I have with my coaching clients, mentors, fellow leaders, and friends that first inspired me to podcast. I want to capture the beauty and invitations to bravery I encounter when I interact with the amazing women all around me. These conversations are too good to keep to ourselves.

I hope this episode will ignite your courage to step out in your dreams and discover new ways to develop beauty in your relationships, too.

Thanks so much for tuning in!


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