Beautiful Brave Podcast Episode 3: A Voice of Courage with Jan Kern

by Jun 16, 2017Podcast

A Voice of Courage with Jan Kern

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In this episode, I interview a very special guest who is central in my life—my mom, Jan Kern. Jan is an inspiring, peace-giving woman with a very deep soul. She’s also a life coach, spiritual director, author, and speaker. I look up to her in so many ways! Jan and I have been on a crazy adventure of co-founding an organization that equips women change-makers: Voice of Courage.

In this podcast, we get to explore how the dream for Voice of Courage first began in Jan’s heart. We also dig into Jan’s beautiful story, as she shares how God led her out of silencing experiences and back into a brave style of living that is inspired by God’s spirit. She also offers some beautiful questions we can ask of Jesus, prayerful inquiries that posture us to go where he leads and move in directions that bring us closer to his heart. You won’t want to miss the thought-provoking and spirit-filled conversation that unfolds.


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