Beautiful Brave Podcast Episode 4: Part 2 of Seeing a Need, with Jackie Guzman

by Aug 2, 2017Podcast

EPISODE 4, Part 2
Seeing a Need, with Jackie Guzman

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In this second half of my conversation with the founder of The Glass Slipper, Jackie Guzman, we’ll be talking about several aspects of non-profit leadership, including the importance of a diverse, multigenerational team, peer leadership, and what Jackie has learned about faithfulness and intentionality in her own leadership journey.

I especially love hearing what Jackie’s learned about making a place for each volunteer and program graduate’s leadership gifts. She empowers others in amazing ways and honors the variety of strengths God’s created in each woman.

Jackie also honors the importance of story. So many of us have a back story of healing and God’s transformation that can give hope to sisters who are in other stages of their own healing journey. I have seen, year after year, how God plants hope in the girls’ lives as they work with the women at Glass Slipper—they find a safe place to look to the future with great expectation, and they also find the courage to share parts of their past they haven’t voiced before. It takes a very unique and Spirit-filled organization to give space for each of these elements of healing in their own time.


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