Beautiful Brave Podcast Episode 8: Living with Intention, with Sosamma Samuel-Burnett

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Living with Intention,
with Sosamma Samuel-Burnett

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Happy New Year to our Voice of Courage community! As a team, we’ve long been dreaming of and planning for the year ahead. We have some exciting things in store to share with you in the weeks and months ahead!

Today, we’re excited to kick off the new year with a brand-new episode of the Beautiful Brave Podcast. In this interview, Sarah chats with an inspiring leader, Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, who is the founder and president of G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice, an advocacy organization that connects agencies who are addressing important justice concerns with institutions, such as universities and churches, for the purpose of greater collaboration, awareness, and informed action.

With great relevance for the new year, Sosamma shares with listeners some of the wisdom she’s gleaned through her unique life experiences, leaving us with questions that can help us intentionally choose how to plug into or unplug from commitments in this new year.

Sosamma Samuel-Burnett

Sosamma also challenges us to move beyond passion into intellectual preparation and action to make a difference in the areas of justice needs and concern that cross our paths. Addressing the challenge of leadership in a highly virtual context, Sarah and Sosamma also explore together the important ways we can view and utilize social media for memory sharing, maintaining relationships, and encouraging civil discourse in a rapidly changing world.

We hope you’ll grab a pen and paper along with your favorite hot beverage so you can settle in and take some notes to help you plan the year ahead. Stick around for the end of the podcast when Sarah unpacks some of Sosamma’s key questions and pieces of advice for fellow leaders. Please comment below with what you have grabbed ahold of and plan to apply for greater focus in 2018.


  1. Bethany

    It is always motivating to hear what’s going on in the world in a broader context than our own little sphere. There are some habits I’m definitely going to unplug from my life this year so I can fully engage in God’s purposes in my home and in the world around me.

    Being present was especially meaningful as I focus on spending time with my daughter, fully present, wholly engaged in each moment with her. This is the high calling of every mom: to mentor and train up the next generation of courageous leaders for Christ. Part of that mentoring includes modeling Christ’s active, engaged love for the hurting world around Him.

    I need to step it up and intentionally invest my very best energy and efforts to shape and impact the hearts of my kids. It is a high trust, gifted to me from God and the weightiest investment I can make for eternity. Remembering that keeps me grounded and moving forward intentionally fastened on faith instead of self effort. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah Bond

      This is beautiful and so intentional, Bethany! Our children are one of the greatest areas of gifting and responsibility we will ever know! Thank you for sharing.

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