Beautiful Brave Podcast Episode 9: Loving Your Neighbors, with Rachelle Ditmore

by Jul 13, 2018Podcast

Loving Your Neighbors
with Rachelle Ditmore

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Join me this week as I chat with an amazing community leader in Sacramento, California: Rachelle Ditmore. She is the cofounder of City of Refuge Sacramento and lives and serves with her family in their neighborhood of Oak Park.

In our conversation, we dig into what it means to intentionally love your neighbors and raise up the next generation of leaders. Rachelle and her husband, Loren, do this each day as they answer even the inconvenient knocks at their door, welcome women who have survived sex trafficking, boldly reclaim land in their community for God’s use, and champion the dreams and concerns of their neighbors.

The Ditmores are on a mission to create a neighborhood culture that mirrors heaven. Their stories of full commitment and faithfulness to seek God and listen to his leadership will inspire you as you listen.

To find out more about City of Refuge and all the ways you can get involved with the Ditmores in Oak Park, Sacramento, hop on over to their site.

Rachelle Ditmore
Photo credit: Lisa Smiley Photography


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