Being Willing to Get Courageously Messy

What will these next few weeks and months hold for each of us? Really none of us knows. But instead of leaving it all to happenstance (hmm…a word I rarely use), why not invest in something exceedingly important. Bumping that up a few notches, why not make it something...

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Befriending Discontent

What does discontent mean to you? Is it an impulse to be ignored, or perhaps a friend to be welcomed and led into your living room? I’d love to sit with you for a bit to share with you my newly expanding awareness of and friendship with discontent. But first, a quick...

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Thriving Patterns

Have you ever heard of or read the book, Patterns of High Performance: Discovering the Ways People Work Best, by Jerry Fletcher? I first ran across it 8 years ago in a coaching course at Western Seminary in San Jose, CA. This book explores the premise that we each...

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Together We are Creators of Beauty

Be a creator of beauty. This was a surprising statement that surfaced as I interacted with a coaching tool with its lines and columns and places to mark an X. Designed to highlight our current desired focuses and life intentions, it helped me to see the possibilities,...

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