Create momentum for your own
unfolding story of courage and find
inspiration from the stories of others who
are living and leading with boldness.


Are you someone who longs to step fully into an unfolding story that makes room for God to take you to new, bold places with your life? With your leadership?

We love to encourage you as you are unleashing your own voice and story. Below you will see question prompts that invite reflection to move into new places of courage or to uncover facets of a story that is yours to discover, honor and celebrate.

Check back from time to time to discover more questions and resources for unleashing your life and leadership.

We are expectant for the amazing things God will do
in and around us because he is the author of transformation.


What places in your community
need the beauty and vision you
uniquely offer? How will you
creatively step into those places?

Imagine your life as a painting,
God’s masterpiece in progress.
What are the next brushstrokes
that will represent who you are
and who you are becoming?

New places, new summits,
new dreams.
What are yours? What will you
begin to do right now, every day
so they become a reality
in your life?

We affirm, honor, and celebrate the uniqueness of each story,
recognizing the beauty and wonder with which God created each individual.


We’re excited about this next section as we begin to interview women who are making a meaningful impact in their communities. We’ll feature each in a blog post and also create a short profile on this page so you can explore their stories and be inspired to unleash your own passion, gifts, and vision.

Let’s celebrate your voice, your story, and your influence!

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