Our Vision:
To ignite a multigenerational movement of women leaders who hear God, speak courageously, and thereby bring justice, collaboration, hope, and beauty to their city, region, and world.

United as a mother-daughter team, we have long shared a vision for strengthening women of all generations for culture-shaping, community-transforming impact. Our heartbeat is to see each of you refreshed and emboldened in your leadership.

Our Approach:
Voice of Courage equips women leaders with spiritual practices, leadership tools, and an approach to community formation that will deepen their connection to Christ’s voice, their courage to raise their own voice, and their commitment to empower the voices of others.

Through workshops, retreats, life coaching, and more, we partner with you and your teams so you can step forward with greater clarity and grace-filled confidence.

Learn more about:
The Voice of Courage Founders, Jan Kern and Sarah Bond
Our Value Statements, Abide, Affirm, Join, Restore, and Unleash
Our Three Goals: To Cultivate, Deepen, and Unleash

Our Values


We respond to Christ’s invitation to remain inseparably linked to him so that we might lead by his direction with words of grace, kindness, honesty, and humility.

Out of spending time with Christ, we reach out beyond ourselves to authentically connect with others in ways that are generous, gracious and loving.

Individual Voice

We affirm, honor, and celebrate the uniqueness of each story, recognizing the beauty and wonder with which God created each individual.

We creatively move toward being fully present in who we are—alive and engaged with our whole being in the life God has given us.

Multi-Generational Voice

We listen to and deeply honor the individual voices, calling and potential of girls and women across all generations so that, joined together, we might create a sisterhood of change makers.

Together we cultivate creativity and the arts in our leadership and spiritual formation, infusing beauty and healing in the world around us.

Community-Serving Voice

We are instruments of healing, restoration, and freedom for others, particularly noting those on the fringes in our areas of influence.

We include. We listen. We invite participation. We foster leadership in others.


We are expectant for the amazing things God will do in and around us because he is the author of transformation.

We are poised and released to use our passion, gifts, and vision to transform the world.

Voice of Courage’s vision, approach, and values are expressed through three primary branches:
Cultivate, Deepen, and Unleash:


Capture ways to more
deeply rest, reflect, and
listen in God’s presence as
a foundation for fully
honoring who God has
created you to be as
a woman of courage.


Strengthen your voice
and influence through
professional coaching
or leadership and
team building workshops
that honor your
unique story and gifts.


Create momentum for
your own unfolding story
of courage and find
inspiration from the
stories of others
who are living and
leading with boldness.

Voice of Courage Team


My vision: That in this hurried world, we would slow to be with one another as women in gracious spaces, hearing, honoring, and celebrating the unique voices and stories God longs to stir and unfold; while at the same time creatively collaborating with one another as influencers and deep pray-ers, listening to his invitations to engage in our communities through our gifts, time, and influence.

My season: I’m in a delightfully rich time of life, enjoying family—Tom, my husband, my two adult children and their spouses, and five grandchildren. My husband Tom and I recently transitioned from serving at a residential ministry for at-risk youth in northern California, especially enjoying opening our home as a quiet get-away for the interning women. A truth of this season: it has included a cancer-fighting, trust-journey. As my energy returns, former dreams are becoming a reality, like Voice of Courage. And space is opening up again to write, create art and connect in community.

Background: In the ministry and work world, I am an author, speaker, spiritual director, and ICF credentialed life coach. My Western Seminary studies folded in an emphasis in ministry and leadership development and coaching. As a life coach, I enjoy partnering with individuals and teams to activate courage, creativity and vision, and to design strategies that support and strengthen relational foundations, personal growth, and innovative leadership.

I love creating space with women for discovery and creativity, for deeper conversation and connection—with God and with others.


My vision: That we would walk together with thoughtful, listening ears and reverent hearts to see, hear, and celebrate each other’s gifts, that together with God, we would cultivate a rich soil for growing deeper roots of our identity, spirituality, and the exercise of our gifts for greater impact and transformation in our communities.

My season: I am a wife, new mom of a little boy, and a resident of Folsom, California. I love forging new connections in my community, especially with women of all ages. Some of my favorite ways to build the communities around me are to lead hikes, join in Zumba classes, open my home to neighbors and friends, and create community and church relationships that promote social justice and bring freedom to places of spiritual and physical captivity.

Background: I have a BA in Psychology from Simpson University and a master’s degree in Urban Studies with a concentration in Community Development from Eastern University. I am also a certified life coach through the International Coach Federation. I love using coaching skills as a community developer, mentor of young adult women, and educator in human trafficking prevention.

I love to think creatively and strategically, especially by asking questions or facilitating processes that allow women of all ages to dream in new ways about what God is inviting them to walk out freely and powerfully as change makers.

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